OFBiz seo friendly url's

We have now completed the implementation of optionally SEO friendly url's on categories and products. The implementation is fully compatible with the existing url definition and can be added to exiting sites using the old url's. We have added alternative url's to all the demo categories and products in the e-commerce component for demonstration.

Have a look in the demo system at product WG-9943 You see here that the url is build from the description, the productId and a 'p' to indicate it is a product url. A 'c' is used for the categories.This url is completely configurable and it is even possible to have more than a single url for the same product or have url's in different languages dependent on the current locale! If you are switching to ofbiz you can even import your old url's

You can create and modify this url in the catalog component. As an example select  WG-9943 in the back-end and click on the content tab. There you see the already generated url and click on it. In the textbox lower on the screen, you see the existing url. Replace the text with: this is a test

Now the product can be requested under the url:

Although these url's can be set manually we have also provided an automatic way using the names of the categories or products. Go to the catalog component, select catalogs from the top menu, select the catalog from the list and press the 'create seo categories/products' button, the system will report the number of url's added. It will not replace already existing alternative url's.

Using this in your existing E-Commerce.
-Use the @ofbizCatalogAltUrl macros instead of the @ofbizUrl macro.
-Install the CatalogUrlFilter in your web.xml

Check the special purpose e-commerce component how it is done.

You need help? Let us know at support@antwebsystems.com