Demonstration of OFBiz information integration.

The best way to demonstrate this integration of data is to send out a demo order in the standard demo information which can be loaded in the system. When the order is 'quick shipped' and 'paid' you can see a nice demonstration of the automatically posted accounting information together with the demo order, products, inventory and the customer information all accessible from the order overview screen.

You can see this order in the OFBiz demo system. The initial status is 'approved'. You can get the status to completed by the following actions so it will show up in the accounting ledger. (if not already done by other users)

'Complete' the order.

1.Under action press the 'Quickship entire order' button.

2.Under payment information click on the payments '10001' button and on the next screen click on the button 'status to confirmed' to indicate the order was paid.

Now you can check the created data on the order overview screen

1.Accounting information: (In the order payment section): Invoice, payment, Trial balance (Accounting/ org setting/accounting/trial balance) and ledger detail at the bottom of the Invoice and payment screens.
As you can see accounting was completely automatic: the ledger is updated.

2.Product information. (order items): Pricing, Inventory

3. Customer information: All orders from this customer, Visit information: the the user logged on to the system, Contact information like postal address, email telephone etc, any communication with this customer either per email. Telephone or letters....and more.....

As usual let us know via if you need more help.....