New product type in OFBiz: Product Service


This new product type represents the service to a particular product which is brought in by the customer. Examples are equipment and computer repair, cleaning of clothes etc. Currently the OFBiz system has a product type of service but it does not support the logistics of the brought in- and returned (shipped) item.

The business process.

A customer sends or hands in the product item(s). An order is created selecting the related generic productId's (Catalog product examples are  ‚ÄúDesktop computer repair' , 'T-shirt cleaning'  etc) to be serviced, and entering an inventory location or let the system assign it. The products are brought to that warehouse location waiting for the service to be applied.

When the service is finished the shipment and packing process will be started for the products to be delivered or picked up. At the same time an invoice is created with the (updated) price information from the order. When a payment is received it can be entered in the system and the transaction booked to the ledger.

Implementation in OFBiz,

The main commit is in rev 1166543 and is relatively simple. When an order item is added with a product of type 'Product service' a warehouse receive product process is started which results in a warehouse location where the item can be temporary stored. The inventory item is then reserved for the same order so the correct item is shipped after service.

This service process could be supported by the manufacturing component but that depends on the complexity.

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