New product type: Product Rental.


Currently we have the function in the system to be able to rent hotel rooms which obviously stay in house and do not need to be shipped. If however you would like to rent video's or cars or motorcycles the system should support its delivery with a shipment and return process what the system currently not provides.

These rent-able items are owned by the company and are normally stored as assets which can be depreciated by the accounting process. Their value is also determined there. We need however to store them somewhere so a link to an inventory item related to the rent-able product needs to be created which is currently missing in OFBiz. We added a field in the inventory item entity to achieve that.

So when a shippable rental product is ordered, an inventory item related to the rent-able product will be reserved by the order which relates in turn to the the actual asset. When the order is completed a return of type of 'rental' with the reason 'normal return' will be created so the warehouse knows and recognizes the item when it comes back in.

The order and shipment slip will list the product and the asset number, so the warehouse knows where to find the item. This shipment and return process however should not affect accounting what it currently does, also no refund should be given when the rental item is returned. 

Implementation in OFBiz.

In revision 1167015 we have added the changes for this function. It uses most of the functions of the product-type 'Asset Usage'. In order however to store the item and link is created from the fixedAsset to the inventory item entity in the warehouse location where the rental product can be stored. When an order is received for renting the item, it is taken from inventory, handed or shipped to the customer. When it is shipped a return is created automatically with a RA# (Return Authorization #) which will be used when the rental item is returned.
Make sure the SECA of accounting is not activated when shipping or returning.

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