Open Source ERP in large organizations, intro.

As announced here in LinkedIn and in twitter, we will publish our experiences implementing open source ERP in large organizations which we are doing now for over two years. The target audience for these articles is management level executives and later in this series the high level technically oriented functions because there is where the strength of the ERP system is we are using.

Questions related to reliability, maturity, support, cost savings, locking-in and comparison with commercial software will be answered. To be sure your questions will be answered let us know your question via a comment or email.

Although initially applicable for all open source ERP systems, later we will focus more at the Apache OFBiz product which is the system we use and which is, in our opinion, best for larger organizations because of the Java technology, the included development framework, its generous license and its ownership of the Apache foundation.

The subjects we will cover in the upcoming articles are:

  • Why open source ERP and not a commercial system?
  • Is open source ERP ready for large organizations?
  • About freedom of lock-in, 'open' and implementation transparency.
  • Save large amounts of money using open source ERP in multiple locations
  • Implementing open source ERP different from commercial systems?
  • Our open source ERP implementation method explained.
  • Implement open source ERP yourself or get help?
  • Replacing your commercial accounting ERP with an open source system.

if you have a suggestions for additional subjects let us know at, Follow me at Linkedin or twitter: @hansbak