ONLY use open source software?

You want to free yourself from commercial software which is often locking you in? In our software development company with 20+ employees we do not use commercial software.

What do we use? We use Ubuntu on our laptops and work stations, Eclipse for software development, SVN and Git (yes we are just migrating) for our repositories. For administration we use Libre Office and Gimp for image handling. On our production systems we use Ubuntu server, PostgreSQL and yes, our core business, which is the only product we support: Apache OFBiz open source ERP.

I just read a nice article about the city of Munich where they just finished their migration project which showed how organizations get locked in and need 10 years to get out of it.

We were lucky starting straight away with open source 7 years ago and did not have that problem. Are there exceptions? sure, we have 2 old laptops to be able to check if our software works with IE.

So if you are in the process upgrading your commercial software in your company consider the option to use open source software instead.

check for the Munich experiences at :