• 8 reasons why Open Source ERP implementation is different.
    Probably you have read my post about why large companies choose open source ERP Although many people think the implementation of open source ERP is similar to a commercial ERP implementation, we found a remarkable number of differences.

    Date 2014-07-23

  • Is Open Source ERP ready for large organizations?
    It depends on which open source ERP system you select for your enterprise. Sure there are a number of systems suitable for large organizations. To help you select the best system for you, we have listed below a number of criteria which are important in your selection.

    Date 2014-07-11

  • Why large companies use open source ERP.
    The main reason larger companies use open source ERP is the flexibility: an open source ERP system is cheaper and easier to customize. Normally, when implementing an open source ERP system for a large organization, a new interface shell is created outside of the core system to meet the business needs and line up with the company organization. With commercial systems the existing interface is customized which makes upgrades difficult to say the least. (see comment on upgrade later)

    Date 2014-07-03

  • Open Source ERP in large organizations, intro.
    As announced here in LinkedIn and in twitter, we will publish our experiences implementing open source ERP in large organizations which we are doing now for over two years. The target audience for these articles is management level executives and later in this series the high level technically oriented functions because there is where the strength of the ERP system is we are using.

    Date 2014-06-27

  • ONLY use open source software?
    You want to free yourself from commercial software which is often locking you in? In our software development company with 20+ employees we do not use commercial software.

    Date 2014-06-18

  • New product type: Product Rental.
    Currently we have the function in the system to be able to rent hotel rooms which obviously stay in house and do not need to be shipped. If however you would like to rent video's or cars or motorcycles the system should support its delivery with a shipment and return process what the system currently not provides.

    Date 2011-09-20

  • New product type in OFBiz: Product Service
    This new product type represents the service to a particular product which is brought in by the customer. Examples are equipment and computer repair, cleaning of clothes etc. Currently the OFBiz system has a product type of service but it does not support the logistics of the brought in- and returned (shipped) item.

    Date 2011-09-13

  • OFBiz Security from an enduser point of view
    Ofbiz security can be accessed in the party component under 'security' There the security groups are listed which are the equivalent of a employee function in a company. Example are ÔÇťorder entry' or 'catalog admin' or 'accounting' etc.....

    Date 2011-08-30

  • OFBiz add-on component: Sitemap creator
    It is pretty important that you create a sitemap.xml for every website to promote, especially if you are using javascript for the page selection. Search engines are not able to detect all the pages you have. This component will solve this problem.

    Date 2011-08-22

  • OFBiz Scrum, one year experience
    We are now using the OFBiz scrum component for about one year and since that time have improved it significantly.

    Date 2011-06-06

  • OFBiz seo friendly url's
    Now it is possible to have SEO friendly url's in the standard OFBiz system and even in different languages. It can even be installed in existing OFBiz websites.

    Date 2011-05-30

  • Demonstration of OFBiz information integration.
    The major strength of an good ERP system is data integration, data is only stored once and is re-used everywhere needed so there is no duplication of data. This blog will demonstrate that by sending out an already entered order.

    Date 2011-07-04